Sensational Tasting Stations


“Ah, Paris”: chicken & seafood crepes, salade fraise, fromage & fruit

“Viva Italia”: fresh pastas, sauces, mini meatballs, sausage & peppers

“Mexican Fiesta”: mini taco, fajita or burrito bar

“Ich Libre Deutsch”: bratwurst wellingtons, sauerkraut & dumplings

“Shanghai Sunset”: Peking ravioli, mini egg rolls, pu-pu platter faves

“Japan’s Jewels”: assorted sushi and sashimi, spring rolls

“Poland’s Prized”: assorted pierogi, kielbasa bites and more

“Luck o’ the Irish”: beef shepherd’s pie, lollipop lambchops

“Your Majesty…”: Britain’s best beef tenderloin sliders, “chips” & more

B) THE GREEN MOVEMENT: $6 per guest 

A salad bar to top all!  Guests will enjoy a wide variety of fresh greens, grape tomatoes, julienne carrots, cucumber medallions, onion rings, hard boiled egg, meats, cheeses, marinated vegetables including sweet peppers, croutons and assorted dressings. 

C) DINNER AT THE DINER:  $14  per guest 

Assorted comfort foods to please every palette including mini cheeseburger sliders, hot dog bar, macaroni & cheese, French fry cones, malted milk shakes served in old-fashioned coke glasses and more. 

D) PASSPORT TO PARADISE -  $16 per guest 

Select any one of the countries listed in “A” as a meal, rather than a tasting.

We aspire to be unforgettable.